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Strand is committed to ensuring that our children stay safe in the online world. We teach the children the SMART rules and regularly revisit them to make sure they engage safely in the vast and exciting virtual world. It can be challenging for parents to stay on top of the ever evolving online world that their children inhabit and so we provide regular parent workshop to help you keep your child safe. Gemma Cosstick is a qualified e safety trainer and always happy to chat through any issues you may be facing.

Below are a range of downloadable leaflets you may find useful.

ASK FM safety guidance


Facebook Checklist Keeping Safe on Your Mobile
Online Gaming

Parent Briefing - Blackberry


Parent Briefing - iPad
Parent Briefing - iPhone

Parent Briefing - iPod Touch


Parent Briefing - Nintendo Devices
Parent Briefing - XBox

Parent Briefing - Playstation