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Child Well-being Practitioner Pilot

This year, Strand Juniors is involved with a school-based pilot project run by a team of Children’s Well-being Practitioner (CWP). In Primary schools, CWPs work with parents whose children are experiencing anxiety; for example, feeling scared or worried to the point where this stops them doing things they used to do, such as seeing friends, or wanting to go to school. They also work with parents whose children are struggling with behavioural difficulties. The CWP offers a type of support known as guided self-help, an intervention focused on developing self-help strategies. Research has found this can be an effective way to target negative thoughts and behaviours and change these into more helpful ways of coping. If you think this project could be of interest to you, we would be happy to discuss it further. Please contact Kay Richards (SENDco) via the school office. Parents must be able to attend regular sessions at school, as well as follow up sessions by phone.