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Enigma Challenge Success

Enigma international challenges take place over two rounds and are designed to be a fun way for students to learn Mathematics and CAT (Computational and Algorithmic Thinking which introduces students to the logic skills required for coding). Some of our Year 6 students took part in these challenges last term and the results are finally in. Certificates of Credit were awarded to those who qualified for the second round and scored well: Rose and Alice in Maths. Finishing in the top 15% in the second round earned a Distinction for Naomi, Edward, Mandy, Izzi, Alia and Merle in Maths as well as Alia, Merle, Reuben, Zahra, Dexter and Seth in CAT. Naomi, Edward and Maddy were impressive in achieving a High Distinction in the CAT challenge which puts them in the top 1% of participants around the world. Well done to everyone who took part for their enthusiasm and resilience in the face of some very tricky problems.