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Focus on Fitness

Everyone has enjoyed the new gym equipment that was installed over the half term. The next step is to
plant hardy bamboo in the planters once we have decided upon the optimum placement to prevent
accidents. In our bid to encourage healthy and active lives we are encouraging the children to make use of
the new equipment as much as possible at playtime and lunchtime, but reminding them to resist the
temptation to ‘work out’ before or after school. We would really appreciate it if you could reinforce this with
your child and remind them of the Strand rule of no equipment before or after school.

Next week is the launch of the very exciting Daily Dash. This is where the children do short bursts of
physical activity every day, outside of their weekly P.E lessons and playtimes. This will include a range of
activities throughout the school day. You may have noticed the new track marked out on the playground in red which will be used as part of the Daily Dash. Once round the track is 250m so the children will be aiming to run over 6 times in order to complete a mile - give or take!

As part of this project, Miss Hayward and Mr Ingram will be running 'Active AM' in the hall at 8.40 - 8.50. Each year group have an allocated morning to participate in Active AM: Monday - Year 3, Tuesday - Year 6, Wednesday - Year 4 and Thursday - Year 5. Please note Year 6 Active AM will begin at 8.30 so they can then go to early birds at 8.40 as usual.