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Lashings of Ginger Beer in Year 6

Members of Miss Coulton’s and Miss Hill’s reading group have recently been spotted reading in the most unusual places. Children have been seen clutching books and reading them in the line, lunch hall and even when waiting to be collected on the blue chairs at the end of the day. This transformation was all down to the fiendishly hard challenge Miss Coulton set of reading a classic Famous Five book in a week. Spurred on by the promise of a picnic complete with jam sandwiches and ‘lashings of ginger beer’ if they were successful, an amazing amount of children rose to the challenge and read one of the classic titles in just 5 days. A huge number of issues can be explored through these historical pieces which provide a snapshot of a very different place and time - if you get a moment, chat to your child and hear their views on some of the attitudes displayed in the books. There have been some heated debates!