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Knapp House

Newsletter are sent home weekly on a Friday either by Parentmail or in book bags. Each year team send home termly newsletters at the beginning of each term detailing what your children will be learning. Click here for the most recent newsletters from each year team.

Year 3, Year 4Year 5 and Year 6.






Summer Term Newsletters Summer Term Letters

News 26

News 27

News 28

News 29

News 30

News 31

News 32

News 33

News 34

News 35

News 36

News 37


Uniform Letter

Stitch Design Uniform Letter


Year 4 River Trip

Year 3/4 Swimming Gala

Year 2 Transition to the Juniors

Year 3 Museum of London Trip

Summer Fair Requests

Year 3 Museum of London Trip Update

Year 6 Junior Citizenship Trip

Year 4 Pedestrian Skills Training

Book Fair

Year 5 Technology Day at Chiswick School

ParentPay Introduction

Year 6 Show Tickets

Friends Thank You Evening and AGM

Year 5 Secondary Transfer Letter

Secondary School Open Days

Year 3 Roman Banquets

Year 6 Junior Citizenship Trip Update

Year 6 Arrangements for Final Week

Yearbook and Grease Wristbands Order Form

Spring Term Newsletters Spring Term Letters

News 15

News 16

News 17

News 18

News 19

News 20

News 21

News 22

News 23

News 24

News 25




School Census

Arrangements for 4G

Year 3 Swimming Info

Leavers' Hoodies

Year 4 Sikh Gurdwara Trip

Maths Meeting

Year 6 Synagogue Trip

3M Mr Murray to Ringsfield Hall

Year 6 SATs Meeting

Year 3 Trip to Kew Gardens

Book Fair

Maths Meeting Presentation

Head Teacher Retirement

Milk and Lunch for Summer Term

Autumn Term Newsletters Autumn Term Letters

News 1

News 2

News 3

News 4

News 5

News 6

News 7

News 8

News 9

News 10

News 11

News 12

News 13

News 14

Therapy Dog

Milk and School Dinners 

Musical Instrument Tuition

Year 4 Swimming

Year 6 Meeting

Changes to School Access


Secondary School Information Meeting

Homework in Year 3

Harvest Supper

Letter from Sue Harrison

Friends PTA Hello

Year 4 Science Museum Trip

Parent Consultations


Christmas Fair Appeal

Hounslow Junior Concert Choirs

Christmas Fair Request

End of Term Entertainment

Year 6 Theatre Trip

Raffle Winners

Christmas Concerts

Concert Ticket Request

Concert Rehearsal Schedule

Milk and School Lunch Spring Term