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Reading News

Thank you so much for all your generous donations to the Strand Book Swap. We are still collecting (there is a green box in the entrance hall eagerly awaiting more lovely books), and lots of busy bees have been working behind the scenes to sort through and categorise the donations. The Swap will be launching as soon as possible, and more information will follow. There will also be a new Strand Bookworms suggestions box just outside the office, so be sure to pop in any of your thoughts on your latest reads. Every week, a member of the Strand team is going to be sharing their favourite latest read with you. Feel free to stop them for a chat about their choice next week, and to share some of your own recommendations. You may see weekly book suggestions from our resident children’s literature enthusiast, Mr Thorne, too! In fact, he is kicking off this year with his first recommendation below….

Perijee and Me - Ross Montgomery

A touching and hilarious tale (I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!), this book follows the crazy story of Caitlin and her secret, and often misunderstood, friend Perijee. Starting off as a tale exploring the most unusual of friendships, the book kept me hooked as it evolved into a heart-stopping adventure, with the stakes getting higher and higher with every page. Can Caitlin save her new best friend and protect him from those that do not understand him? This book is excellent for anyone feeling slightly alone in the world, and will restore your faith in human kindness.