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SATs Results - Well Done Year 6

The 2018 SATs results were returned to school this week and very impressive they are too. The table below shows the percentage of children at Strand reaching the expected standard compared to all children nationally.

Reading Grammar Writing Maths

Reading, Writing and

Maths Combined

Strand % at Expected Standard

89  92 93 93 87
National % at Expected Standard 75 78 78 76 64

We were also pleased that 14% of children at Strand reached a high score in reading, writing and maths combined. Whilst comparative data is not yet available, last year 9% of children nationally achieved this standard in all three subjects. So a big ‘congratulations’ to Year 6 for their outstanding effort and commitment, not just in their approach to the tests but in their exemplary attitude to learning throughout their entire four years at Strand. What remarkable Strandites they are!