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Safer Internet Day

This week marked Safer Internet Day with the focus for this year being consent in the digital world.
Through a series of activities including drama and group work, the children considered what consent
meant and how we might recognise this in our everyday lives, whether it might be asking to go to the
toilet or asking before borrowing someone else's possessions. The children identified that it is often easier
to ask for someone’s consent when they are face to face with that person than it it is when there is a
keyboard and screen in between them. The children were then encouraged to unpick why asking for
permission is easier when you talk to a person and why it is so important to ensure that we ask for
consent before posting a photo, adding someone to a group chat or writing a status about someone else.
An important part of staying safe in the digital world is ensuring that the children speak to an adult about
their online activity, including asking for consent before using the internet. Year 3 explored the 'Power of
No' during Safer Internet Day, to learn when it is acceptable to say no to somebody in order to stay safe
online. They were brilliant at being polite and assertive! The children also found out how to find the most
reliable information on the internet to avoid coming across fake news and edited pictures.
Mrs Nosworthy rounded the day off with an assembly where the children shared everything they had


E Safety Meeting for Parents
Mrs Nosworthy will be running a parent workshop on Thursday 14th February 2.50-3.20, just before parents evening, in 6N for anyone who has any questions or queries about their child’s internet use and how to keep them safe online. If you are unable to attend the parent workshop, Safer Internet Usage is a useful website which gives lots of top tips. There is also an interesting video about whether or not children have given their consent when parents share information about them on their social media.