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Strand are Borough Cross Country Champions

On Tuesday, Mr Allkins took the cross country team to Osterley Park for the annual 1.6km race around the picturesque venue. The weather was pretty much perfect for the run with cool temperatures, little rain and no wind. It was all set up for a fabulous race. The boys were first off and our team of 6 had placed themselves in prime starting positions in the hustle and bustle just before the race. 106 boys from across the borough’s schools were all vying for positions to get off to good starts and stay out of danger. The race started and Dexter shot to the front like a bullet, followed not far behind by Josh, Patrick and Kyan. A sharp turn on to the gravel track and within seconds the pack was out of sight. The course twisted and turned over a variety of surfaces with gravel, muddy paths and grass to contend with. As the runners emerged from the trees into the clearing of the last 300m we could see that Dexter had kept up his early pace and was in 3rd spot! Then there was Alfred in 7th and Kyan in 11th with Josh in 13th. Although Dexter couldn't keep two sprint finishers at bay, an excellent 5th place was his. Patrick and Jonty both finished in the top 30 to round things off for the boys. The girls were next and after talking tactics, agreed to stick to the plan of going for a quick start to avoid the dangers of being tripped up in the pack. Tayla-Bella led going around the first bend and took some of the Strand girls with her as they too disappeared into the distance in front of the beautiful Osterley House. As the track turned back on itself, it entered a very wooded area with tree roots sticking up and mud and puddles ankle deep. Our girls dealt with these hurdles admirably and continued with the plan. Renee D emerged in about 8th place but had enough energy left to sprint finish and take an amazing 4th spot. Eira was close behind in 6th with a super sprint at the end too! Tayla-Bella was 9th and Year 5 Suzie proved too good for the majority of Year 6 competitors by finishing 10th out of 86 runners! Catherine and Nafisa both finished in the top 30 girls and Daniella finished in the top half of the runners. Once the numbers had been crunched to find a team result, Mr A received the good news that Strand had beaten all competition and are Borough Champions! Well done to all who took part!