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Welcome Back... and Farewell

On Wednesday we welcomed back Mrs Kitson and Mrs Nosworthy from their respective maternity leaves. They have spent the week acclimatising – although Mrs Kitson was straight out on the rec on PE carousel – before taking up full duties next week. Mrs Nosworthy will be taking over 6R with Mrs Mehmet whilst Mrs Kitson will be joining the PE team and providing cover across the school. We are all very pleased to see them back.

We are saying goodbye to Jabeda Begum today who has decided to move on to a new challenge. Jabs has been part of the carousel team in the afternoon and has been working in 3K in the mornings. We know Jabs will be missed and we wish her all the best in her next challenge. Mrs Kitson will take over on carousel duties until Miss Begum’s replacement Andy Ingram starts on the 9th July. Andy is currently working at a secondary boarding school as a PE teacher and learning support assistant and will join us as soon as his current commitments are wrapped up. It’s not only Miss Begum who we are saying goodbye to – Catherine Rigby starts her maternity leave today. Catherine is looking forward to a couple of weeks rest before her baby is due at the end of June. We wish her and her husband Simon all the best.