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Year 5 Cyclists Visit Herne Hill Velodrome

Yesterday 14 children from Year 5 made an early start to Hearne Hill Velodrome. They arrived just on time and were given a fantastic opportunity to cycle around the same track that was used in the 1948 London Olympics! The children loved the fact that the bikes were built for speed (slim line, fixed wheel, aerodynamic but with no brakes!!!). After a few practice laps the children were raring to go and race. Taylor showed a superb turn of speed around the bends, Ella battled her way around even though she wasn't feeling very well and even Sir Chris Hoy would have been impressed with Jibril's 'jelly legs' cycling technique. Mr Allkins nearly came a cropper though, when one of his pedals fell off whilst he was hurtling round the track!! Not easy to slow down, he assures us!