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Year 4

Autumn Term

Science Museum

Year 4 start the year by taking a look at our Ancient Wonders topic!  After an overview of first civilizations around the world, we learn all about the Ancient Egyptians, their traditions and beliefs. This includes an exciting workshop where the children use clues to solve an Egyptian mystery. In D.T. the children study a range of chairs then design and make their own throne fit for an Egyptian King!

We Pump up the Volume in the second half of Autumn Term, looking at sound and how it travels. This is followed by an investigation of electricity, making our own simple circuits.    

Spring Term

Saxon Shields

We move forward to more recent history in Rulers and Raiders. An overview of the settlement in Britain of Anglo-Saxons and Scots is followed by a more detailed study of the Viking raids and the Anglo-Saxon struggle to hold onto their kingdom. Look out for the Viking Longboats in the corridor!

After this it is time for the more relaxing topic of Creature Comforts, starting by learning about the classification and grouping of all livings things. We'll look at the various habitats and changing environments that different animals inhabit. Each of these animals has its own place in a food chain, which we will discover when investigating feeding relationships in each habitat. 


Summer Term

The River Thames

We finish the year with a term packed with activities related to the River Deep, Mountain High theme. We start with an in depth look at the Thames from source to mouth, including a trip to Kew Bridge to get an exciting look at the many types of wildlife including sea snails, crabs, leeches and eels. There is an activity in DT to design and build your own bridge that could cross the Thames. Our geography focus is the mountainous country of Costa Rica in Central America. We will have the opportunity to study the country and its people as well as the physical geography including mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes.