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Year 5

Autumn Term

Victorian Strand

To download the Year 5 Curriculum Framework click here.

The Autumn term is packed with exciting opportunities for learning starting with May The Force Be With You. We use pulleys and magnets amonst other things while investigating forces in our science focus. We follow this by researching Earth and Space and the many amazing features of the Universe (rather than Luke Skywalker

Next we turn our attention to the Victorians in What The Dickens!The Victorian School day is an eye-opening experience for many members of Year 5 with teachers dressed as, and acting like, strict Victorian school masters. The children learn all about the age of Empire and Britain’s role in the Industrial revolution along with linking our Literacy work to the topic too. We look at the Dickens classic ‘Oliver Twist’ and use it as inspiration for writing from other people’s point of view. We also design and create moving toys using Victorian toys as inspiration.

Spring Term

Ringsfield Hall

Year 5 have a very busy Spring term! We start by studying the Ancient Greeks and the Mediterranean as part of our The Power and the Perils topic. The Greek launch day is a superb way to start the topic with teachers dressed up and children using archaeological techniques to unearth clues about the past. After this the children enjoy a feast of Ancient Greek style food in a banquet! We use this enthusiasm to spur on our Lteracy work, writing Greek Myths. Also using Greek Myths as inspiration is the Greek Gods ‘Fashion Show!’ where children get to dress up and act like their favourite God or Goddess.

Following this, the learning has a Geographical focus in Ringing the Changes. In particular we learn all about living in Chiswick then compare it to Ringsfield in Suffolk, East Anglia. In Chiswick we go on local walks to study the land use, count traffic in a traffic survey and try to discover why different areas of Chiswick are more desirable to live in than others. Using persuasive language skills, we then attempt to convince people to relocate to areas more suited to their needs. The highlight of the term is our annual visit to Ringsfield Hall. Here, in the safety and tranquillity of the Suffolk countryside, the children partake in the ‘Earthkeepers’ course. Whilst learning all about recycling and looking after the environment, the children set off on a quest to earn their ‘Earthkeeper Keys’. These keys unlock the secret meanings of the mysterious E.M.!

On the Beach at Dunwich

If successful the children earn their ‘K’ and ‘E’ keys at Ringsfield Hall. Whilst in Ringsfield we use the opportunity to compare it with Chiswick, visiting a local school to develop our understanding of similarities and differences between localities. The main ethos of the Earthkeepers scheme is reducing our impact on the earth and caring for its inhabitants. This is similar then to the key teachings of The Buddha. We study the origins and teachings of Buddhism and end the programme of study with an insightful trip to the Chiswick Vihara. Here we learn to meditate and find out about the life of a modern day Buddhist.


Summer Term

The summer term is just as busy. Continuing our Earthkeepers programme we turn our attention to sharing our knowledge of how to reduce, reuse and recycle things in order to lessen our impact on the earth. If successful the children earn their ‘Y’ and ‘S’ keys, completing their set of keys and finally revealing the last hidden meaning of E.M. Planning, making and selling desirable recycled objects at the Summer fair helps them to achieve this.

We use the short film entitled ‘The Piano’ to understand the planning, filming and editing processes that go into producing a short film. We then use cameras and film editing suites on the laptop computers to produce a short film of our own.

We finish with Fizz, Bang, Wallop which gets us looking at different materials to see the effects of reversible and irreversible changes in our science focus. Mysterious materials are treated to a range of mixing, dissolving and filtering experiments but the favourite is probably the investigation into melting (which might just involve chocolate)!