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Strand on the Green Junior School

Year 6 Curriculum

Year 6 Curriculum

Year 6 is all about moving on. With Strandites continuing their education at over 20 different schools, from both the Independent and state sector, we make sure they are well prepared for the next step and leave Strand seeing the complexity in life having found their voice in the crowd.

Year 6 Curriculum Overview



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Autumn Term Curriculum

It's not fair collage

Year 6 have one of the busiest yet most exciting years at Strand and it begins with the It's not fair topic. This exciting geography unit seeks to find answers to the ‘big question’: Why are some countries richer than others? Taking an in-depth look at North and South America, the topic explores both the physical landscape and the contrasting economic fortunes of different countries across the continents. Map skills feature heavily, along with many opportunities to apply mathematical understanding in real life contexts. A particular focus on Central America deals with trade between nations and, in particular, the issue of fair trade; Year 6 children can even volunteer to run Strand’s own Fair Trade stall which sets up shop in the playground at home-time on Fridays. To give a historical context and complete the theme of What is the nature of civilisation the topic rounds off with an overview of the Mayan civilisation posing the challenging question "Can we call the Maya an advanced civilisation when they practised human sacrifice?"

Science is the main subject in the second half of the term when learning turns to the complexities of the human circulatory system in The Good Life focussing on how best to keep the human body fit and well. This theme of healthy lifestyles also incorporates a unit on drugs education, a recap of nutritional eating and a look at the role of micro-organisms in health and hygiene.  

Spring Term Curriculum

Clement Atlee

The term begins with Gadgets and Gizmos; this science and technology unit investigates both light and electricity and looks at the way scientists represent these forms of energy in diagrams. Children will develop their understanding of electrical components and circuits, before investigating how component functionality might be manipulated. Best of all, they get to apply their knowledge to designing and constructing a battery-powered vehicle complete with ‘engine’ and head-lights. 

We'll Meet Again, our main history topic beings us back to the story of our islands with an in depth study of Britain at War. This always proves to be a fascinating project as children find out exactly how daily life was affected by WWII. The wealth of primary evidence available for this topic makes it incredibly hands on and nobody can fail to be moved by the stories they uncover. British values are at the heart of this topic, both historic and present day.

Summer Term Curriculum


The summer term begins with the science unit I will survive,  a topic focussed on evolution. This will include the classification of living things and how species have evolved over time.  We also look at life after Strand with a challenging secondary simulation week where everyone will have get used to moving around the school for different lessons and keep their homework diaries up to date or face the consequences!

The focus for our final term is a geography study, Road Trip: W4 to the SW Shore,  built around a central theme of road links, settlement and change over time. It explores the urbanisation of our local area before following the road route to the South West Shore - this leads us nicely to our residential trip at Knapp House. As part of the study, children look at art deco architecture and design, which is prevalent along the Great West Road.

To finish their time off at Strand, the Year 6 children put on a performance of a classic musical. Over the years Strand has become famous throughout West London for its performances of Grease, Fame, Mamma Mia, Blues Brothers  and School of Rock among others. Following the auditions, four weeks of  hard work begin with the children singing, dancing and acting during any spare moment. With the help of lots of staff the children put on an  amazing performance which has the parents on their feet signing and dancing with them! It is the perfect way to say goodbye to Strand.


Year 6 Maths

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Year 6 Reading 

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Year 6 Milestones

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