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5B's Assembly

5B started the day with a brilliant showcase of their Victorian learning from last term. Beginning by locating the Victorian era in British history, the children shared their vast knowledge about the massive changes that occurred in Victorian times – from advances in transport to the expansion of the British Empire. The focus then shifted to the impact these changes had in Strand on the Green. Impressing their audience with their knowledge about the shift from rural to urban life, the children performed songs, talked knowledgably about Dickens and even fitted in a hysterical Monty Python sketch about class! The audience were impressed, not only by their knowledge but by their confident delivery and perfect comic timing. The assembly culminated in the children sharing some of their responses to the big question “Was the Victorian period a time of improvement in our local area?”. Taking all their knowledge and drawing our key facts to back up their arguments the children provided some compelling arguments that, for Strand, the era had indeed been one of improvement – if you want to know more just ask 5B – they’re the experts!