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Cracking Attendance

The half termly attendance figures were announced in assembly today with some cracking figures. It’s great to see that even in this season of coughs and colds the figures are still looking strong.

River 94.5%​
Year 3 3H - 96.6% 3K - 96.8% 3M - 97.5%
Year 4 4B - 96.8% 4C - 97.5% 4M - 97.4%
Year 5 5B - 95.0% 5MK - 96.1% 5N - 94.9%
Year 6 6H - 97.2% 6N - 95.7% 6S - 95.2%
Swan Centre Otter - 94.2% River 94.5%

Congratulations to 3M, 4C, 5MK and 6H who will all be getting their attendance treat as soon as the weather permits! 3M and 4C will also have the privilege of wearing mufti for the day as they had the best attendance in the whole school. 5B are also due a mufti treat as they had the least lates – a stunning 0.05%! Keep it up. Not only that, we had 97 children who achieved 100% attendance in the Autumn term! That is a really great start to the year – Well done to all our 100%ers!