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Cross Country Success

Yesterday we took a team of runners to The Heathlands School for the annual cross country relay event. We started off with a respectable 9th place out of 36 teams in the 3x600m relay, with Jimmy, Kai and Jaiveer combining well. Theo, Jai and Alex also did well, finishing 14th. The girls team of Shasmila, Amelia and Lily Bu had a 9th place finish too. The 3x300m race saw more success with the same trios of boys finishing in 7th and 19th places respectively. Veronica, Ayali and Amelie ran a spectacular race and managed to finish 2nd and grab a silver medal for their efforts in the girls' event. The last races of the day saw the athletes tackle the almighty 600m individual race. Well done to Veronica who managed to finish 5th (out of 85 runners) and Jimmy who came 21st (out of 102 runners). A superb effort from all involved!