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Enlightening Talk in Year 6

This week Year 6 had the pleasure of a university-style lecture on physics. Avi Braun (Ayali’s dad) gave an insightful talk on our recent science topic of light. This was an excellent opportunity for the children to listen to an expert explain some of the mysteries and use practical demonstrations to deal with common misconceptions. The children were encouraged to become scientists themselves, with questioning information rather than just accepting it being the order of the day. We took a deep-dive into the statement ‘light travels in straight lines’, exploring what this really means and how much evidence we could find to support the assertion. Using their own observations and experiences the children wrestled with this apparently simple statement, exploring its complexity before concluding whether they agreed or disagreed. As ever there was not a clear cut answer and, after much heated debate, the children decided that the statement needed to be expanded in order to be more precise. That’s science in action!