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3K's Assembly

27 images

Knapp House 2017

366 images

Relief Maps

21 images

Shakespeare Day

23 images

Blue Day 2015

9 images

Harvest 2015

74 images

Ruth Cadbury

10 images

Reading Zone Live

7 images

Year 4 taking in a live video conference with popular children's author Holly Webb

Table Top Sale

7 images

Creative Year 4

37 images

Victorian Day

47 images

Forest School

10 images

Year 3 Fife

17 images

Year 6 Water Aid

107 images

The Swan Centre

21 images

Mamma Mia 2014

182 images

Chess at Strand

18 images

Book Day 2014

83 images

Michael Rosen

15 images

4L assembly

20 images


4 images

Xmas Fair 2013

8 images

Blue day 2013

17 images

Uganda 2013

116 images


57 images

Leavers 2013

35 images

Fife 2013

30 images

Sports Day 13

66 images

MINI Fair 2013

19 images

Hustings 2013

72 images

3N Assembly

66 images

Red Nose Day 2013

134 images

Year 5 Cycling

9 images

Year 3 play areas

123 images

Cam Toys 2012

52 images

Choir at Kew

50 images

Egyptian Antics

31 images

Big Air Day

13 images


20 images

Blue Day 2012

54 images

Carnival Time

26 images

Soup Making

129 images

Centenary Museum

102 images

Uganda Launch

80 images


41 images

Leavers 2012

58 images

Silver Bike IT

13 images

Herne Hill

28 images

Edible maths!

5 images

Guitar Assembly

13 images

Knapp House 2012

34 images

Year 6 journey to Knapp House

Learning Dome

17 images

Learning dome reaches Year 4

Back in the Day - Centenary Celebrations

48 images

Strand turns back the clock to 1912

Mini Fair

54 images

Mini Fair 2012

3N Assembly

19 images

Green Day

17 images

Green Day at Strand

Ringsfield Week 2

199 images

Hampton Court

52 images

Sports Relief

24 images

Ringsfield Week 1

411 images

3R's Assembly

14 images

People in Action

39 images

Year 4 have been studying People in Action

Clock Parade

48 images

Year 3 Roman Launch

91 images

Year 3's Roman launch started with a visit from Emperor Naslundius (aka Mr Naslund), who set the children the challenge of setting up a living museum, using the skills and knowledge that they gain over the term.

Year 4 Thrones for a Pharoah

11 images

Wow - fit for a king (or queen!)

Year 3 Play Areas

96 images

Year 3 have been making splendid play areas this week.

Christmas Concert

41 images

Christmas Concert 2011

Shakespearean Hats

20 images

Year 6 have been busy making Shakespearean hats - what do you think?

Year 4 Egyptian Workshop

29 images

Year 4 took part in a Drama workshop today - Great fun wa shad by all

Egyptian Art in Year 4

24 images

Look at the fantastic work Year 4 have been doing.

Borough Athletics

18 images

The Strand team performed brilliantly - well done team. Well done to the winners St Mary's Isleworth

Fabulous Fife in Year 3

6 images

Fabulous fife lessons have started with Mr Neale from Hounslow Music Service. We have made a great start in our weekly lessons, we have all been practising at home and can now play the notes B, A and G. What a wonderful opportunity - to all learn a musical instrument.

Year 6 Pop Art

14 images

Funky Pop Art from Year 6

Victorian School Day

10 images

On Wednesday Year 5 launched their Victorian Chiswick project by spending the day as Victorian school children. They experienced the strict regime of the Victorian school with the Year 5 staff in role as school masters and mistresses - luckily only a few canings had to be administered to the children who forgot to bring in their penny or hadn't washed their hands! The children got a real flavour of what life would have been like for a Strand child back then, dressing up and experiencing the 3r's Victorian style - a perfect start to their term's learning.

Harvest Supper

26 images

Year 6 cooked some delicious soup and entertained parents with drumming and songs.

Tag Rugby Winners

1 images

Strand win Tag Rugby Tournament

Year 3 Black History Month Workshop

6 images

To celebrate Black History Month each class took part in an African Dancing session. We all had great fun learning new moves and we were really impressed by how we could combine all the moves to make a great dance.

Greek Gods Fashion Show

7 images

Year 5 held a Greek Gods Fashion Show - What a great collection of costumes! Can you spot the God?

Art Around the School

63 images

Check out this gallery to see the fabulous art work we have at Strand

Cross Country Champions

6 images

The Strand squad really enjoyed the Cross Country meet last week. Strand are yet again the Boy's champions! Well done all!

Red Nose Day 2011

49 images

Despite the weather Strand celebrated red Nose day in style.

MAD Bike Display

49 images

Strand won the Bike IT Virtual Bike Race and our prize was this brilliant bike display

Mini Fair 2011

53 images

Year 6 raise money for the school journey fund by holding a mini fair!