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Generous Donations to Food Bank

Thank you to everyone who made a donation to the food bank this week – Ms Whelan’s car was overflowing when she came to make the delivery on Wednesday. The food bank was in need of toiletries and Strand families responded to the call with lots of lovely soap, shampoo and personal items. The staff were delighted with the quantity of donations and even stopped working to come and marvel at Ms Whelan’s loaded car. They are currently in need of tinned meat, long life milk and toiletries including sanitary products. If you can spare any of these items they will be much appreciated – donations can be made to school between 9am and 4pm each day. One of our Strand Values is that of empathy and in these times more than ever it’s important to think of others, reflect on their experience of lockdown and offer a supportive response. Sharing a little of what you have can make a great difference to someone else who has nothing. I have been astounded both by the generosity families, and indeed the whole community, have shown in recent weeks and the level of need that exists so close to home. If you are a family in need, call us – we will be able to help.