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Grow a Pound Challenge Underway

Year 6 have been learning about budgeting and finance. We launched our Grow a Pound scheme just before half term and each child was given a loan of £1! The aim is to turn this into £20 per person, with the money raised going into the leavers' hoodie fund. The children have already begun to work on their business proposals and have some very creative ideas to earn their money. Today’s entrepreneur of note was Lewis who came up with the cracking idea of selling bacon rolls to the staff before school. Lewis advertised his service and got a very big take up from the staff, who all gathered in the staff room at 8:30am waiting for their butties. They were not disappointed, even Miss Crone who paid an extra sum for extra crispy bacon with the fat cut off! Not only were there some very happy teachers but Lewis made a very tidy profit – it’s all about having a good idea and knowing your target audience. Watch this space for more entrepreneurial success stories.