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Internet Safety Day

Tuesday 11th February was Safer Internet Day, with the key message of ‘Free To Be Me’. Mrs Nosworthy launched our celebrations with an assembly which helped the children to consider their identity online. Lots of the children said that they used usernames, avatars and emojis online as a way of sharing their identity which led to a discussion about the positives and negatives around using them. In class, the children have been doing a range of activities; in Year 6 they debated whether we should always be free to be ourselves online and what the consequences of this may be while in Year 4 the children have been considering ways that they can make the internet a better place by spreading positive messages between our friends and family. Safer Internet Day is an opportunity to celebrate what a powerful tool the internet can be, but to also reflect on ways to keep ourselves and our children safe. Should you have any queries or concerns regarding online safety, please feel free to speak to Mrs Nosworthy.