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Newsletters are sent home weekly on a Friday by ParentPay mail.

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Summer Term



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Friends FUNdraiser

Year 4 River Trip

Grange Hall Residential Trip

Kew Gardens Trip

Friends FUNdraiser Update

Grange Hall Consent Form

Tate Project for 3M 2018-19

Class Photographs

Year 4 Sketching Kew Bridge

Friends Summer Update

Year 2 Transition to Juniors

Year 3 Roman Banquet

Year 6 Show Tickets

Year 6 Yearbook

Friends End of Year Letter

Spring Term



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News 26

Wider Opening 8th March

Cygnet and Breakfast Opening 8th March

Remote Learning

Cygnet and Breakfast Club

Critical Worker Arrangements

How To Use Kami

Sugary Snacks and Our Teeth Workshop

Additional Ideas for Home Working

Half Term Eco Project - Swan

Half Term Eco Project - Years 3 & 4

Half Term Eco Project - Year 5

Half Term Eco Project - Year 6

Secondary Transfer Applications

8th March - Wider Opening

Cygnet and Breakfast Club March Opening

Primary School Parent Testing

Strand Roadmap

Friends Spring Update

Parent COVID testing and isolation

Year 6 Hoodies

Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check

Autumn Term



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September Opening

Cygnet and Breakfast Club Opening

School Milk and Lunch

Letter from Councillor Tom Bruce

Musical Instrument Lessons

COVID Update letter

Friends Sponsorship Letter/Form

Flu Immunisation

Festive Greeting Cards

Pedestrian Skills Year 4

Christmas Entertainment and Events

Christmas Raffle

Year 2 Parent Information

Year 5 Local Victorian Walk

Change to End of Term

Letter from Hounslow Council

End of Term Information