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Strandite Makes Finalists of Young Engineers Competition

Earlier this year Year 6 took part in a Young Engineers challenge. The brief was to design an invention that would make a real difference to peoples’ everyday lives. Rising to the challenge Raya designed a pair of trainers that generated electricity when the wearer walked or ran which could then be used to charge a phone or indeed anything else you need. Raya’s design was multi-faceted as not only was it a green solution, harnessing the energy expended when people walk, but it also encouraged people to be more active as the more you moved the more electricity you generated. There were 1,985 entries from London schools and Raya’s has been chosen to be in the exhibition at Kingston University! Well done Raya, a future engineer in our midst. If you want to see Raya’s design the exhibition is on at the moment; pop along and have a look.