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Team Captains' Election

This week the school has been caught up in election frenzy as the children in Year 5 have been standing for high office as team captains. A huge number of children stood and made great speeches during the hustings with every child in Year 5 taking part in some way or another. The school has been plastered with posters as candidates worked hard to canvass votes. The election was held this morning in the hall, which served as a polling station, and the results will be announced in assembly on Monday. It was a close run election and all the Year 5 candidates showed great confidence and courage in standing for office. In assembly we took the opportunity to focus on the importance of exercising the democratic right which underpins British society – voting for your leaders and taking the time to evaluate your choices, looking carefully at each candidate’s pledges and comparing them to their actions. In fact Mr Johnson and Mr Ivanov, our heads for the day, choose this important choice to be the theme for today’s assembly.